About us

About us

The Zug Chamber of Commerce

  • is the independent, active association representing the local economy in Canton Zug
  • represents its members’ economic and political interests to public authorities, to local political parties and to society as a whole by lobbying for good economic conditions and promoting Zug as an attractive business location.

As the Canton's leading business association and business’s voice in Zug, the Zug Chamber of Commerce is engaged in pushing for an attractive business environment to facilitate economic growth. As a competent, reliable and responsible partner, the Zug Chamber of Commerce greatly contributes to the social and political debate for a strong economy in Zug. As well as representing businesses’ interests to public authorities, politics and society, the Chamber’s economic-political engagement is evident on account of its operation of economiesuisse’s campaign site in the Canton of Zug, its support of local campaigns which are relevant to Zug as a business location, and on account of its memberships in other associations both in and out of the Canton. Comprehensive information about Zug as a business location can be found at the Zug Chamber of Commerce contact and coordination office.

The Zug Chamber of Commerce has 400 members with over 20'000 employees. Companies from various industries and sizes, from highly specialised one-man operations with a local focus to international conglomerates are part of the Zug Chamber of Commerce. This diversity is reflected in the Board’s composition with its twelve executive committee members who direct the association on a pro-bono basis. The Board is supported by a lean back office and backed by five industry specific, specialised committees. Zug Chamber of Commerce members perceive the association as an efficient and effective lobbyist who knows their concerns and takes them seriously. The members are very active in accessing information from the association, as well as participating in its information events, and networking activities covering topics that are relevant to them. Partner organisations and public authorities highly rate the Zug Chamber of Commerce on account of its expertise and its constructive collaboration in joint undertakings.

The Zug Chamber of Commerce engages with trends and developments in the fields of competitiveness, finance, taxes, education and infrastructure. Other important topics are, the future of labour, the possibilities of innovative technologies as are the demographic evolution and the compatibility of job and family. The Zug Chamber of Commerce offers specific platforms for productive interactions with companies, pushes for sustainable solutions and encourages their usage. It uses modern communication media to communicate with its members and their employees as well as with partner organisations, public authorities and the general public.

The Zug Chamber of Commerce was formed in 2006 following the merger of the Industrial Association of Zug (*1918), the Trade and Service Association of Zug (*1984) and the Community of Economic Interests Zug (*1998). The merger came about in order to bolster the promotion of Zug as the ideal business location.  


We actively involve ourselves in supporting the economy of Zug!

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